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Product-Name: Redragon P008 LED KYLIN Mousepad

Brand: Redragon

Category: Gaming Mousepad

Weight: 0 Kg

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Redragon P008 LED KYLIN Mousepad

Redragon KYLIN RGB P008
Size: 350x250x3.6mm


RGB Lighting in 16.8 Million Colors
3 Illumination Modes: RGB Cycle, RGB Wave and 7 Solid Colors
Microtexturized Surface Made For Best Slide
Indicated for Laser and Optical Sensors
Rigid Pad with 5 Feet of Rubber for Pad Fixation High-density, water-tight and easy-to-clean super-fine materials
Touch Switch for "On-The-Fly" Modes
Unique Design and Construction with High Quality Materials for Extended Durability
Size: 350x250x3.6mm

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