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Product-Name: Razer Seiren Pro ( Microphone ) Professional Studio Grade Recording

Brand: Razer

Category: Gaming Accessories

Weight: 3 Kg

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Razer Seiren Pro ( Microphone ) Professional Studio Grade Recording

Razer Seirēn Pro.
-HD recording with outstanding clarity
-4 adjustable recording patterns (Cardioid, Stereo, Omni ,Bi–directional)
-Quick controls for pattern switching, headphone volume and mic gain
-Built in headphone amplifier with zero latency output
-Recording via XLR or USB connection
-High-pass filter – filters frequencies below 100 Hz


Different recording applications call for specific recording patterns that best accommodate the use case. The Razer Seirēn Pro allows you to quickly switch between 4 polar recording patterns by rotating the main control knob. Check out the table below for a quick breakdown of what patterns are best used for your recording needs:
-Cardioid Streaming, Podcasts, Voice-overs, Instruments
-Stereo Vocals, Instruments
-Omnidirectional Conference Calls, Events
-Bidirectional Interviews, Instruments, Vocal Duets


The Razer Seirēn Pro comes with a built in headphone amplifier that accommodates any monitoring headphone that has a 3.5mm jack. With zero latency output when plugged directly into the Razer Seirēn Pro, the headphone allows accurate monitoring of your recordings in real time. Ensure that you sound exactly as you want your listeners to hear you. By using the control knobs on the microphone’s body, you are able to quickly adjust the mic gain and headphone volume for an optimal recording and listening experience.
Note: This Feature is only available when connected via USB.


For the ultimate recording solution look no further than the Razer Seirēn Pro. This edition of the Razer Seirēn gives you the option of recording via an analog XLR or a USB connection. Having an XLR option allows you to plug the Razer Seirēn Pro directly into a professional mixing board which opens up more recording flexibility depending on your environment. With an XLR output, you can chain together multiple microphones and instruments to a mix board. This will allow you to make greater adjustments on the fly when recording live. The Razer Seirēn Pro also features a high-pass filter toggle for low frequency filtering.


A high-pass filter enables you to remove low-end rumbles and hums when recording in your home or at the studio. This helps eliminate unwanted electrical and mechanical noise such as wind noise from the air conditioning systems, cars driving by in a distance and stage/floor noise transmitted through the microphone stand. By enabling the high-pass filter function on the Razer Seirēn Pro, all of these noises are filtered out without requiring post-recording edits. This function also assists in mediating the proximity effect of recording when close to the microphone – Close proximity produces a high bass response. By filtering this out you can combat unwanted low’s coming from your vocals, producing a cleaner, clearer recording.


Made to fit the Razer Seirēn Pro perfectly, this sleek full aluminum shock mount suspends the mic and reduces the noise generated from unwanted vibrations. The elastic construction absorbs any movements and disperses it along the frame, so you will have a crisp recording with minimal noise every time.

Easily installed onto the microphone’s aluminum base, the pop filter helps reduce the phenomena “Plosives” and “Sibilance”, eliminating noticeable pops or hisses on the recording when “P’s” and “S’s” are recorded. Simply combine the pop filter with the shock mount to experience unmatched recording that will have your listeners immersed in your captured moment.


Razer Seirēn Pro.
HD recording with outstanding clarity
4 adjustable recording patterns (Cardioid, Stereo, Omni ,Bi–directional)
Quick controls for pattern switching, headphone volume and mic gain
Built in headphone amplifier with zero latency output
Recording via XLR or USB connection
High-pass filter – filters frequencies below 100 Hz

Microphone specifications.
Power required / consumption: 5V 300mA (USB) / 48V DC (analog)
Sample rate: 192kHz
Bit rate: 24bit
Capsules: Three 14mm condenser capsules
Polar patterns: Stereo, cardioid, omnidirectional, bidirectional
Frequency response: 20Hz – 20kHz
Sensitivity: 12.5mV/Pa (1kHz)
Max SPL: 120dB

Headphone amplifier.
Impedance: ≥ 16ohms
Power output (RMS): 130mW (@16 Ohms)
Frequency response: 15Hz – 22kHz
Signal-to-noise ratio: 114dB

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