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Product-Name: Logitech G27 Racing Wheel EU

Brand: Logitech

Category: Gaming Controller

Weight: 35 Kg

  Rp. 4,250,000 ,-

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Logitech G27 Racing Wheel EU

Racing Game Wheel
Logitech´s G27 racing wheel was created for the sake of all PS3 and PC sim racing game players searching for a force feedback wheel, which includes a gear stick and a clutch pedal.
The 11-inch-wide, hand-stitched-leather-covered Logitech G27 racing wheel allows for a 900-degree rotation, i.e. 2.5 full turns lock to lock.
A total of 14 programmable buttons are available (6 - on the wheel itself, and 8 - on the external gearshift unit), plus a D-pad.


Logitech G27 - PlayStation 3® and PC-compatible racing game wheel




The Logitech G27 wheel is PlayStation 3®PlayStation 2® and PC-compatible. It works with many world-famous games, including Gran Turismo 5, Need for Speed: SHIFT and DiRT 2.

Strong Force Feedback

Force Feedback

The Logitech G27 wheel uses two powerful, helical gear-driven force feedback motors. A true-to-life racing experience is guaranteed.

A 900-Degree Rotation!

A 900-Degree Rotation!

That´s two and a half turns lock to lock! Much like with many real cars.

Wheel Size (28 cm / 11 inches)

Wheel Size (28 cm/11")

The Logitech G27´s hand-stitched leather coating will help you enjoy a comfortable grip throughout the entire game. There are virtually no dead zones or lag. You will feel every wheel movement recreated in-game.

Stick Shift

Stick Shift

The Logitech G27 features an external gearshift unit, which features an H-pattern gear stick. You can choose between five forward gears and one reverse gear.

Shift Paddles

Shift Paddles

The Logitech G27 wheel also features steering wheel-mounted metal paddle shifters, which are very convenient. There are even RPM/shift indicator LEDs that remind you when you should upshift.

Clutch, Gas and Brake Pedals

Clutch, Gas and Brake Pedals

True-to-life, stainless-steel clutchgas and brake pedals connected to the wheel platform via a cable.

floor-mounted pedals

Pedal Assembly

The Logitech G27 racing wheel includes a pedal set, which featuresfloor-mounted gas, brake and clutch pedals and a footrest.

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