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Product-Name: HIVI SWAN X4 (BLACK) - Professional Active Crossover Monitor 2.0 Speakers

Brand: Swans Hivi

Category: Speaker

Weight: 10 Kg

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HIVI SWAN X4 (BLACK) - Professional Active Crossover Monitor 2.0 Speakers


General Data:
Model Swans X4
System Series Profesional active crossover monitor speaker system

Acoustic System:
System Series 2-way, 4th order active vented speaker system
Drivers Configuration 4 woofer . 0.8 tweeter
Frequency Range 60Hz - 20kHz
Sensitivity 82dB (2.83V/1m)
Nominal Impedance 6
Power Range 10-60W

Amplifiers System:
Rated Power 45W RSM/channel
Input Max 3000mV
Active Crossover Frequency 2.0kHz
Bass Adjust +2/0/-2dB (200Hz)
Mid Range Adjust 0/-2/-4dB (500Hz)
Trebel Adjust +1/0/-1dB (10KHz)
Signal-to-noise >94dB
Distortion THDInput sensitivity 350mV
Input impedance 12

Other Parameter:
Finished Lacquer, high intensity aluminum cabinet
Dimension (WxHxD) 155x160x226
Net Weight 3.90Kg



Swans X4 is a compact 2-way professional active speaker system. The system is designed for studio near-field monitoring and multimedia desktop environment. X4 adopts professional active filter technology and uses a 4-inch woofer and a 4/5 inch metal dome tweeter. With the help of finite element CAD design, the X4 cabinet horn can ensure smooth and accurate axial and off-axis frequency response, which offers an accurate sound image positioning. X4 frequency range is 60Hz-20kHz (± 2.5dB, free space), total output power of each X4 is 45W RMS. For stereo configuration, the maximum sound level output can reach 105 dB at a distance of 1 meter. The X4 acoustic design is optimized for desktop environment, making it become a top level multimedia speaker system.

The Swans X4’s egg-shaped cabinet design utilizes a low-diffraction rounded box and has fine acoustic qualities. The X4 makes efficient use of cabinet space and can achieve maximum volume despite the small size of its cabinet.

The X4 cabinet is made of die-casting aluminum, which has excellent rigidity and is impact resistant. Its sturdy cabinet design coupled with its scratch resistant coating makes the X4 suitable for use in a variety of working environments. The Swans X4’s curved vent tube design provides low-frequency output and minimizes noise distortion.


Swans X4 has a professional frequency adjustment function that is able to modify frequency response based on different environments. The three user-friendly low frequency cut-off adjustment points are easy to match with different subwoofers. When configured with 5 or 7 pieces, the X4’s powered subwoofers produce a hi-end compact surround home theater system.

Swans X4 is equipped with a damping rubber base for secure standing. Its tilt box can be adjusted so that the speaker’s axial direction is easily aligned by the user. This ensures better performance and ideal listening results. The damping rubber material also isolates excess vibration. Swans X4 offers a variety of installation options, including desktop installation, floor standing installation, and wall mounting installation for easy adjustment of the listening angle.

The Swans X4’s compact aluminum-cast cabinet combines hi-end speakers with professional active filters. It is usable in a variety of environments and consistently produces accurate sound with very low distortion to meet the needs of professional studio monitoring. The X4’s sound image precision and extended bass output are produced by cutting edge acoustic technology. As a professional multimedia speaker system, it can be easily used with various sound sources, upgrade multimedia speaker sound to professional monitor level.

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